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Websites Of Interest

“The real impact of these developments is yet to be realized, but one outcome is achieving the holy grail of 3D printers that will be able to fully print another 3D printer. Developments really are moving apace across the 3D printing industry: already there are 3D printers that can print 100,000’s of items such as those which can be found by 3D search engines in a range of significant materials that include: wood, cement, clay, PLA (biodegradable plastic), ABS plastic (legos) seaweed, titanium, iron laden brass, aluminum and nylon that sticks without a heated print bed. With the innovative software hitting the market, we are heading towards a world in which anyone really can design a whole range of objects for the home, from vases to lampshades to pencil holders to jewelry to whatnots….you get the idea!!”

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