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About Us

Since 1987, Trent Capital Management, Inc. has operated as an independent Registered Investment Advisor serving all types of investment entities including individuals, trusts, foundations, endowments, partnerships and qualified retirement plans. We have clients throughout the Southeast and beyond who are serviced by our employees in Greensboro, North Carolina and Lexington, Kentucky.

A conservative investment strategy coupled with an extensive investment management background of its money management team ensures Trent’s thoughtful efforts are focused on accomplishing each of its client’s unique financial needs. Well structured guidelines designed to obtain above average returns within below average levels of risk are the result of an aggregate of extensive research and disciplined focus on the needs of each of Trent Capital’s clients.

Preservation of capital is the cornerstone on which our investment strategy is built. Our strong aversion to placing a client in any likely position of sustaining a permanent loss of capital is a perspective we feel is the underpinning of strong long term investment performance. Our investment philosophy clearly defines how we strive to accomplish this objective of achieving above average performance within what we feel are below average risk levels.