What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

Our Pledge to Clients

Trust is the most important determination when selecting who will manage the assets accumulated for one’s self and their family. This emotional need to trust is satisfied mostly over time, but is assisted into place by employing an advisor that offers experience, integrity, complete independence to act only in its client’s best interests (i.e. a Fiduciary), a long history of success and a client base that is consistently satisfied with the level of service received. The professionals at Trent are pledged to expand upon these principles, and to work closely with all of our clients to define their goals, limit risk and maximize total return by minimizing expenses and tax impact.

Trent’s Focus

Trent exists to provide the best job possible of investing our client’s money for the future. This requires a commitment to maximizing investment returns while at the same time attempting to minimize investment risk. By providing our clients with a clear understanding of our investment philosophy, we create a “comfort factor” that is critical to developing long term relationships. We make ourselves readily accessible to our clients and believe firmly that they deserve the right to talk directly to those making the decisions responsible for protecting and increasing their base of wealth. Our personnel never overlook the important fact that the money managed by the firm represents a very personal sense of comfort and security for each of its client’s. Our clients come to know that we are interested in just one thing – safely maximizing returns on their investment capital.

Customized Investment Portfolios

Each Trent Capital account is a customized, highly diversified portfolio which is designed and monitored with the goal of achieving the unique objectives of each individual client. Trent’s portfolio managers can position client assets from more aggressive growth equities to fixed income accounts, taking into account each individual’s risk tolerance, income needs, investment time horizon and tax considerations. The investments placed into each account are determined by Trent, but holdings can range from individual equities, to REITS, to Master Limited Partnerships, to corporate bonds, to municipal bonds, to a near unlimited range of investments researched extensively by our experienced analysts and portfolio managers.

Complete Independence

As independent investment advisors, the overriding principle which guides all of our actions is our responsibility to the client. In many cases stock brokers, agents and other financial advisers are often faced with the tremendous legal pressure to first serve the needs of their employers via the contractual agreements they sign. We recognize that true objectivity is what our clients demand.  As a fee only Registered Investment Advisor, Trent Capital does not participate in any revenues generated from transaction fees, selling agreements, sales promotional incentives or behind the scenes corporate-to-corporate arrangements that compromise complete objectivity.  As a result, clients can be certain that decisions made on the purchase or sale of any security in their account, has been made with only their best interests in mind.

Ongoing Client Communications

As part of Trent Capital’s pursuit of trust, service and performance, client communication is crucial to our comprehensive investment process. We work closely with clients to define portfolio objectives and to select the appropriate mix of investments which best fulfill every individual client’s risk profile and financial requirements. In addition, as investment objectives change, Trent emphasizes the importance of making timely adjustments.  Our principals regularly communicate with clients to make sure they feel at ease with how their portfolios are being managed. We strive very hard to create a high “comfort factor” for our clients, for which there is no substitute.


Trent maintains one primary focus – effectively managing its client’s money. Efforts are not diluted by offering ancillary financial services, which can and should be provided by many other capable professionals who focus on their specific areas of expertise. Working closely and efficiently with many experts in the fields of estate planning, accounting, taxation, insurance, and third-party-administrators for retirement plans, Trent’s own investment services blend seamlessly to maximize efforts of all. Our professional’s depth of working knowledge of other financial disciplines, and their relationship with those providing them, promotes an ease of collaboration on an effective basis that is most often transparent to our clients.  We believe the formation of a team of professionals, each holding specific areas of expertise toward satisfying an overall targeted objective, provides a client with improved financial results. Trent’s time is spent on making the most appropriate investment possible for our clients, not chasing down other endeavors.  Because of this condition, and the results we see from our client’s use of organizations offering specialized talents, it is Trent Capital’s strong belief that one-stop-shopping organizations tend to dilute efforts toward developing a deep expertise in any one discipline.