Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Trent Capital realizes that clients measure the progress of building their net worth in terms of what they keep after taxes. We will work with both you and your CPA to ensure that your accounts are managed in a tax efficient manner, which is especially critical in a time where there is uncertainty about future tax rates and laws.

In regards to multiple account conditions, and where possible, Trent manages each account separately by placing investments that generate taxable income into non-taxable accounts, such as IRAs. Managing to maximize savings via long term capital gains and to minimize ordinary income taxes is an important component of our investment management process.

  • We will meet with you and your CPA or tax advisor to discuss tax planning and the implementation of any investment decisions made as a result.
  • We will ensure that all Required Minimum Distributions are taken from applicable retirement accounts.
  • Each year we will mail all clients schedules of the income and capital gains incurred during the year so that CPAs or tax preparers can upload these figures into tax returns, thus saving time and hopefully lowering costs.

In regards to gift taxes, Trent Capital will work with you and your CPA to structure gifts that use your annual or lifetime gift-tax exemption so that you can make gifts as you choose without incurring gift taxes.

In regards to estate taxes, Trent Capital will work with you and your estate planning attorney to review your estate plan and suggest any changes that may be necessary given the changes in the law or in personal aspects your life. If you do not have an estate planning attorney, Trent Capital will introduce you to one.