Individually Managed Accounts

Individually Managed Accounts

Trent Capital understands that no two financial situations are alike. That is why our Individually Managed Accounts (IMAs) are tailored in accordance with your investment and lifestyle goals, income requirements, risk tolerance and tax situation.

Personal Relationships

With nothing but the clients’ best interest in mind, Trent Capital strives to understand each client’s unique situation when helping to position your assets effectively toward achieving your personal goals. At Trent, every client is afforded the opportunity to talk directly with the professional responsible for making the critical investment decisions within a clients account. Many times, this direct contact is not available to those using brokers, agents, trust officers, or others who are only intermediaries between their client and the money manager making critical investment decisions, thereby limiting input from the client on decisions made.

No Hidden Fees

Our clearly stated and fixed fees are based on a scaled percentage of assets under management. This negates us from being pressured to act outside of a client’s best interests via a focus on proprietary products to sell, restrictive selling agreements, investment banking relationships, sales promotional incentives, undisclosed corporate to corporate financial arrangements creating bias, etc. These distractions and negatives are most often not only unnecessary, and many times undisclosed, but also represent very costly impacts to the bottom line performance of clients. Trent Capital accepts no part of these ancillary types of revenues, but depends only upon its management fee as its fair and stated source of income. Our goal is to keep expenses at absolute minimums.

“Trent is paid by its clients, not by the investments made for them.”

Asset Allocation

Because all accounts are individually designed and carefully allocated to meet each client’s specific goals, Trent enjoys the ability to diversify client investments among various industry sectors, both in equities and fixed income requirements. The firm can also be attentive to client sensitivities to investing in certain types of businesses because of personal perspectives and beliefs. Be it total growth, growth and income or a focus on security and stability of fixed income, asset allocation is a “client specific” effort.