Retirement Plan Asset Management

Retirement Plan Asset Management


This single word represents the most important element for any Plan Sponsor seeking to provide the best retirement plan program possible for their employees. Many, if not most, providers of retirement plan programs, such as mutual fund families, brokerage firms, banks and insurance concerns sell product, a practice which stands as an immediate conflict of interest with their clients. This common thread woven through the retirement plan industry immediately negates one’s ability to act as a Co-Fiduciary beside their client, the Plan Sponsor. One or more of these conflicts (i.e. pushing proprietary product, restricted platforms resulting from selling agreements for shelf space, commission incentives, biased and undisclosed corporate arrangements, and more) do exist in the great majority of the various provider’s listed above competing for retirement plan management business. In fact, these stated negative conditions creating inherent conflicts of interest are due primarily to the flawed structure of the compensation arrangements that does become most providers’ primary focus. The client’s best interests then by definition become secondary. These inherent conflicts have significant negative results that become detrimental to maximizing participant’s retirement assets, this goal being the only focus of Trent Capital’s retirement plan investment management program.

Qualified Retirement Plan Advisory Services

As a business owner or a retirement plan administrator, you know how important it is to provide employees with the right tools to invest responsibly in their future. It affects your ability to attract and retain the best employees, and it is vital to their long-term financial security. Selecting the right retirement plan package is also essential for the business owner as an individual, as it will affect his or her family’s future as well.

Our Retirement Plan Advisory Service offers you a customized, full-service program designed to help you meet your fiduciary responsibilities and provide an appropriate number of diverse investment options for plan participants.

After designing and setting up your Investment Policy Statement and your retirement plan, we help you:

  • Consulting on plan design, resulting in improvements to overall plan structure
  • Designing and implementing Written Investment Policy creating standards of performance
  • Suggesting appropriate Third Party Administrators based upon employee demographics
  • Developing appropriate “Life Style” funds for employees ease of investment selections
  • Monitoring investments making changes when appropriate for maximizing returns
  • Conducting periodic group meetings for participants, individually when necessary or required
  • Guiding employees how to choose the appropriate investment options
  • Providing educational tools ensuring knowledge of need for contribution levels
  • Providing training for online accessibility to participant’s accounts
  • Being available to answer employees’ questions at any time

Trent Capital adds real tangible value for employers while enhancing the benefits for their employees. Trent’s unique capabilities provide corporate clients with Qualified Plan design and compliance consulting, as well as our professional money management services for the selection of mutual fund investment options.  This selection process is further enhanced by our experience and insight gained from having previously owned and operated our own mutual fund.  We understand many of the competing and potentially negative operational aspects of mutual funds, and steer clear of those than may pose potential problems for our clients.  Trent Capital will provide a complimentary analysis of your plan’s performance and fees resulting in an unbiased “scorecard”, which will prescribe the potential need for adjustments in asset mix, cost structure and/or plan design.

Department of Labor Requirements

Trent Capital offers the depth of experience to provide its clients with the tools necessary to ensure Dept. of Labor compliance in regards to (a) A written investment policy (b) Proof of due diligence in selecting mutual funds used and (c) Regular monitoring of plan assets to ensure maximum performance.

Expansive Mutual Fund Access

Unlike typically restricted and/or biased platforms employed by the great majority of provider’s programs, Trent Capital has access to over 26,000 mutual funds with no harmful limitations or exclusive relationship with any single mutual fund family. This critical advantage benefits the plan participant by exposing them to an independence that allows for the selection of top performing funds for each investment category. Trent offers this “open architecture” because it has no restrictions, no proprietary product and no selling agreement with any fund family or other organization. Our ‘fee only’ compensation arrangement allows us to sit on the same side of the table as our clients, ensuring a perfect alignment of needs and objectives.