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Investment Strategy

Ensuring that your investment portfolio grows steadily over the long-term is essential for one to fulfill their financial goals. At Trent Capital Management, our experience and disciplined investment philosophy help to ensure that your investment goals and objectives are met.

By recognizing that each Client’s requirements are unique and complex, Trent Capital aims to increase peace of mind with the clear guidance and disciplined investment management that can protect and grow your wealth. Our approach calls for a diversified investment portfolio structure with a personalized blend of current income, capital growth, asset preservation, inflation protection and tax considerations.

Recognizing that some investors desire access to more specialized alternative investments, Trent offers its own industry specific private placement opportunities.  The firm has formed and managed past LLC’s focused on what it feels are disruptive technologies and continues to pursue these disruptive forces, which potentially offer well above average investment returns.  An example of this is our early, successful investment in the burgeoning cellular telephone industry.  Our firm’s present private placement offering focuses on the exciting world of 3D printing.  All investors choosing to participate in this, and any other external private placement opportunities to which Trent gains exposure, make their own decisions to invest as Accredited Investors.