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News and Recognition

Trent Capital prides itself on keeping its clients informed of financial and legal trends, changing regulations, investment concepts, business events, etc., and how these issues impact the mind-set of the firm’s money managers. Holding the knowledge generally required to keep from making uninformed, emotional and knee-jerk reactions to the roller coaster rides inherent in volatile markets is also a necessary component for building a solid relationship between advisor and client. The cyclical nature of economics assuredly affects the pricing of good businesses, particularly in a volatile environment, as seems to be the norm today. The emotional aspect of watching this phenomenon of peaks and valleys unfold on a near day-to-day basis often turns emotional heartburn into a permanent financial loss by influencing one to make the wrong investment decision. It is Trent’s goal to provide the vehicles of information that we deem helpful for educating its clients to the firm’s perspectives and mind set toward investing their assets.